little projects of mine


I love creating thing..whether it's in a form of a picture, lyrics, writing down few random words or making a video, being creative is something that fills up my soul. While growing up, I let my imagination run through reading and writing. I could spend hours with a good book and not let it go until i read it completely. Passion for reading was something that my granny (professor per profession) installed in me since I was a little kid and I guess it was a starting point in sparking creativity in me. Reading led to writing, writing led to pictures, picture led to making videos and here I am back to writing :)

Creativity helped me express myself through my best and worst periods of life. When I was 19 I lost my sister. To battle depression, I've started creating fan made videos on youtube. Having the outlet to pour out my emotions, through using tv shows/movies in my own way, sharing some inner struggles and pain saved me. I loved connecting with characters in the tv-shows/movies, I loved being a fan of a pairing and follow their kept my mind consumed and gave me distraction of not focusing on my own pain. Youtube community connected me with amazing people, some of which are, even after all of this years, among my best friends. Making videos is still outlet I enjoy, however now days I do not have much free time on my hands so making a new video is a bit more time challenging. And also, instagram, fitness and blog are kind of time consuming when you are a grown up working 8 hours per day :D

I've started with  by learning my way with Photoshop and Sony Vegas couple of years ago. Nowdays, I am learning Adobe After Effects and practicing lettering..things change, but one thing remains..I love letting out my creativity in some way.

So I would like to keep this little corner to share with you my passions, whatever form they may take.