New look of frecklesinmymind :)


AHHH FINALLY I can share it with you guys!
I honestly started thinking the new look will never see the light. While it might seem simple, I spent A LOT of time making it all, while winging the new motherhood role, sleepless night and genuinely trying to multitask things every day without losing my sanity lol.

So what’s new?

I’m going to be honest with you all. Last year, I’ve lost the passion I had about blogging and Instagram.
From my happy place, engaging with the community I’ve built in the last 3 years, supporting each other and being inspired, it turned into a burden I didn’t have time for and it made me feel bad.

Every time I would log in, I would feel the pressure of needing to create, to engage and to find more time for all things social that were, up to that point, part of my every day. But the thing is my everday changed drastically once Saša entered my life – I was lacking energy and I was lacking time to focus on things that were not her.
I was trying to figure out the motherhood thing, how to be a good mother to my daughter and that was my one and only priority, everything else had to put on hold. Comparing myself to everyone else (whose life looked picture perfect) and trying to keep up with everything all at once didn’t work for me and it made me feel like I’m failing at it all. So I stepped back. I’ve shifted my mindset -it took some time, but once I truly let go and just let myself be, I felt like things finally settled where they should have.

Things didn’t change much, my baby is still my no.1 priority, but now that she is a bit older and not depended on me 24/7, I also got some more time back for me – to do the things I am passionate about and along with that I got my spark back, so you will be seeing much more of me.

I’ve tried to make the new page reflect my values, what direction I want to take my blog in and what I hope to do. My life has changed completely, but things I were passionate about, I am still passionate now – leading a healthy lifestyle, making better habits and hopefully encouraging someone along the way to do the same – with that said, I have a very exciting thing to share with you soon, so stay tuned!


wearing :  sports bra - Reebok leggings -  Lux High Rise Tight   sneakers - Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 Flexweave

sports bra - Reebok
leggings - Lux High Rise Tight
sneakers - Reebok Crossfit Nano 8 Flexweave