How about that fit pregnancy?:)


Why exercise is good during the pregnancy

The goal of exercising through the pregnancy is overall good health and keeping your body healthy and strong. Exercising makes you feel better physically, can give you an emotional boost and can help you in many ways – exercise during pregnancy can help you have easier time with your labor and delivery and a shorter recovery time after birth.

Expectations vs. Reality

I love working out - I love the boost of energy I get from it, the feeling that I have done something good for my body, my mind and my health. I love that it helps me feel less stressed.

Exercising was definitely my number one priority I wanted to keep when I found out I was pregnant.

After making exercise a part of my everyday habits for the last year and half, I thought about how once I got pregnant I will have no problem maintaining my current fitness level. I figured that I have a pretty good base in healthy eating and there won't be too much trouble. I remember telling my boyfriend I will continue eating totally healthy my whole pregnancy because I do not want the baby to be addicted to sugar and stuff like junk food.

Boy was I in for a ride to prove me wrong.

1st trimester

Exercising in your first trimester, if you exercised regularly prior to getting pregnant, is generally considered safe and there are not that much limitations – you should not increase your workouts though, rather keep up or lower the level you were at.  

Up to my 6th week of pregnancy I felt amazing. I've continued doing my usual BBG workouts and I was exercising 5-6 times per week. My nutrition was also pretty much on point, no weird cravings or nausea.

Once I have crossed the week 6 mark, everything went downhill since the nausea started to kick in. I was lucky enough and I did not vomit, but I felt horrible. Food wise, anything I was eating daily up until that point I could not see or smell – which included chicken or turkey meat, salads, oatmeal,whole grains, fruit etc. The weirdest thing is that I could not drink water either which was really strange as water is my favorite drink, but every time I tried it just made my nausea worse. What I could eat though was bread. A bunch of white bread, pâté, cheese, beef meat, sweets and a lot of ice cream.

They say if your pregnancy is uncomplicated, you should be able to exercise as long as you are comfortable. But if you do not feel well, you should not force yourself to exercise – it is much more important to rest and hold on to the little strength you have at this time.

What totally took me by surprise was the little energy I had after I crossed the 6th week. In the morning I had troubles waking up and honestly all the energy I had was gone by the time I got back from work. The only thing I was able to do is to lay down and rest. By 9 pm everyday I was totally shattered and ready to sleep.

Even though it was hard mentally giving up exercise at this point, I've tried to listen to my body and give it the rest it needed. The nausea lasted up to week 12 and in that time I managed to do only few trainings. Once week 12 was over my nausea was gone, but my energy levels were still low.

2nd trimester

Once the nausea was gone I was eager to get back to exercising more regularly. However I have encountered few problems- while there were no big limitations to exercising in 1st trimester, the 2nd one definitely started to have some as from what I could read. „You should not do this, you should not do that, this is not safe for you, this is not safe for the baby etc.“  As I am not a personal trainer nor have a proper educational knowledge to know what is considered safe in pregnancy and what is not, I found it really frustrating that all the info I could gather online was not helpful at all. Before I got pregnant, I was working out 5-6 times per week, my workouts were high intensity and I was running regularly and according to the internet I should have stopped all that since all the info I could find online was very limitating and  was solely focusing on safe stretches mostly.

So I searched for prenatal fitness classes in my town.

Finding and starting workouts solely focused on pregnant women helped me feel at ease since every class was different and I could learn a lot on what is considered safe and what not and apply it to my own workouts at home. I stopped worrying that I am doing something that is not safe and actually start to enjoy my workouts again.

I am now at week 20, which marks half the way of my pregnancy journey. My bump is growing bigger every day, my energy levels are back to normal and my nutrition is back to normal as well – I have no cravings and I am back to eating my fave healthy food which luckily includes oatmeal, lean meat, fruit and salads :). I am currently exercising 4 times per week, 2 of those workouts are prenatal fitness workouts which are quite low impact but offer good stretching and help me relieve back pain. Other 2 are a combination of cycling (stationary) and strength trainings but with lower weights than before.

Throughout this 20 weeks I have learned to really be patient and listen to my body. I have learned how necessary it was to modify my workouts because of the changes in my body. I am aware that as my tummy gets bigger, some of the workouts will start to feel uncomfortable and I will probably have to find alternatives once again. Nevertheless, I hope to continue having a healthy pregnancy and continue exercising through out the rest of my pregnancy and in the upcoming period maybe even share some exercise videos with you all :)