Why I started


If I was about to sum it all out in one sentence it would be: I desperately wanted to feel better. 

Mentally I was in a bad place, struggling with stress, anxiety and depression. My self- image was really low, I did not believe in myself and all I desperately wanted was to be happy with myself again. I would classify myself as perfectionist and the thought of failing scared me so much i wouldn't try at all.

I felt paralyzed and trapped in my own bad thoughts. I wanted a change and I needed one badly because I knew I cannot keep on living my life feeling this way. 

Stress lead me to binge eat sweets, anxiety woke me up in the night and little by little it started showing on my body. I wanted to feel comfortable with my appearance again and I knew I had to start exercise regularly. Scrolling through internet for motivation, I've found Kayla Itsines instagram page and was blown away by all the amazing transformations. So I've purchased the guides and started.

I gave it my all. At the end of September 2015 I've finished all 12 weeks and felt like I've got my life back (you can read all my thoughts after finishing it here).  

Fast forward one year later, I am still doing BBG workouts and I still love them. I am making better food choices, I have learned how to take care of my mind and my body and I feel like myself again. 

Exercise fills me with positivity, helps me focus and pushes my boundaries and giving an hour for bettering myself is something I've decided to make a priority in my life.

I've started because I wanted to improve my own life and that is still a thought that guides me.

I've stayed because fitness grows my mind, my body & my soul.



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