2 days with Reebok in Paris - the launch of PureMove bra


What is the that one thing that puts you out your comfort zone and you'd always rather avoid it? For me, no doubt, it's meeting new people and public speaking. It's something I have struggled with since I was a teenager. Introvert by default, only keeping a really small circle of people as my close friends, making small talk with someone I don't know doesn't come natural to me.

However, sometime at the beginning of this year I've made a pact with myself - to let stop fear hold me back. I knew, that in order to truly commit to this - I would eventually have to face my fears of the above mentioned things.

I believe that once you put different kind of energy into universe, it finds its way back to you.

Last month I had a very special opportunity - to travel in Paris and spend 2 days with Reebok. The opportunity sounded amazing. The introvert in me screamed please don't do it, but I knew I would regret if I didn't go. So I packed my things and flew to Paris.


The occasion was the launch of their new sports bra - PureMove Bra, the bra they spent 3 years developing in order to finally give the women the support they need.

The whole event was such an incredible experience, from start to finish.

Being surrounded with and getting to know like minded women, testing out the product, learning more about the history of Reebok and seeing the new collection for 2019 turned out, not gonna lie, really freakin awesome.


Anita and I arrived around 11 to Charles de Gaulle ariport where a driver waited for us to take us to a hotel. We were situated in a very lovely and charming Hotel Bachaumont. In the hotel we got our outfit for the day - leggings, top and sneakers. Had around an hour to refresh and get ready for the day ahead. In the bus I met the girls from Greece that were staying in the same hotel and we were off to the first location - La Salle de Sport.


Imagine entering place buzzing with positive energy so much you could almost feel it in your fingers. 200 guests all very excited to be there. Everywhere you look quotes that raise your spirit and make you feel like you are part of something very special-that's how it felt stepping into La Salle de Sport.


Upon arrival, we were shown our way to the locker rooms where each of the lockers was marked with our names. Inside the locker the PureMove bra was waiting to be tested and we were able to get fitted for the right size if needed.

Once the fitting was done we were asked to join everyone upstairs for a hang out.

The event started with a panel where we learned more about Reebok's women's initiatives and the the effort and knowledge that it took to produce the PureMove bra.

Did you know that the first sports bra was invented 40 years ago? It was a plain piece of fabric that someone sew suspenders on. A lot of things changed since then, but some of the facts nowdays (70% of women are wearing the wrong sports bra size, 50% of women experience breast pain while exercising, 20% of women do not work out because they don't have the right sports bra) speak that women are still not happy with the available sports bras.

Thus the PureMove bra was born.


The PureMove bra was invented after 3 years of ideas, testing and effort. There are 7 different pieces types of fabric used. The support was tested on 50 different points of the breast (generally it is done on only few points). No wires, no irritating seams. The bra is treated with Motion Sense technology (the same technology that is used on NASA space suits) and it uses STF fluid (sheer thickening fluid) which means that the fabric will naturally stiffen when performing high intensity training and release when you are relaxing which gives you both support and comfort. Meaning no more jumping boobs, pain and discomfort no matter the type of training we do.


But the thing that made the bra even more special is the fact that for the first time a brand thought about women and their actual needs size wise, and produced a bra in 10 different sizes (XS, XS/S, S, S/M, M, M/L, L, L/XL, XL, XL/XXL) so that everyone can find their right fit.

Guest speaker to the event was Nathalie Emmanuel which was a lovely surprise :)

After the panel was finished, we were divided into groups. The place itself was divided into areas - photo shoot area where we got our picture taken, area where we were able to customize the photo by putting our own phrasing, an area where the invention stages of the bra were shown, an area where we learned more about history of Reebok and the rest of the place was to hang out together, grab a bite and get to know each other.


There were also 2 training halls - one for HIIT training, the other one for boxing.

I took a boxing class! It's been a while since I've done boxing so I enjoyed it completely. This was the first workout to test the bra. After hearing that 3 years were spent in order to bring PureMove bra to reality, I was very excited to test it out for the first time.


The support was amazing - I honestly felt like I'm not even wearing a bra.

Our 2nd workout of the day was running through streets of Paris with midnight runners. It was sooo cool! Running in a different city, with the music blasting through a speaker of the leading runner, having strangers root for you along the way..such an incredible experience! It reminded me of running a half marathon and made me wanna do it again. With the stop at Eiffel tower, the run finished at the Paris Museum of Modern Art where there was a final celebration with amazing food and drinks and djs who kept the party going.


I’ve even made some new friends :) One of the girls I’ve met while running was Stella, a girl from Germany and we realized that we actually already crossed paths on a bootcamp in Berlin few years ago - just didn’t knew it then - such a small world! :))

When I came back to the hotel I was exhausted but happy! It was my first time away from my baby and first time to have a chance of uninterrupted sleep. All that in Paris! Safe to say, I slept like a baby.

Day 2

On our 2nd day we were invited to the Reebok offices.


There we had a peaceful, relaxing morning routine after which we were divided into new, small groups in order to meet new people and connect better with each other.


On the workshops we shared our experiences and ideas. We shared what inspires us and how important sport is for each of us. We connected. We were heard.
At the end we were shown the 2019 collection (insert heart eyes here because guys, so many beautiful apparel coming our way).

It was a day full of laughter, good vibes and such beautiful memories.

It was a day that proved how great it is to step out of your comfort zone and to put yourself out there. It was a day that showed me that amazing things happen when we put a little faith in ourselves and keep on supporting each other.

It was a day that I’ll cherish forever.