Hi, hej, hello,

Welcome to my creative outlet page :) What you can expect here is a mix of my favorite breakfast food, fitness and overall things that sparkle motivation inside me.

So let me introduce myself . I am Martina and Tinchy is my nickname. I am 29 y/o girl from Croatia with passion for healthy, balanced and sustainable life.

I've started my instagram fitness account in July 2015 to find inspiration and to keep myself accountable and been busting my ass and improving my life day by day since. I am an introvert person so per default opening to the world scares me, however social media has connected me with a lot of beautiful like-minded people all over the world and proved me that putting yourself out there can bring a lot of good to your life.

I am a hopeless dreamer and believe that kindness and positivity go a long way.

Hope you enjoy your stay :)